Do I need to pedal to ride this e-bike?

Yes, our e-bikes are pedal activated models which require rider input at all times. The motor supplements your pedal strokes, rather than replacing them.

How will I know how much battery I have left?

The button on the top-tube indicates the remaining battery life using an easy to follow colour-code. White = 75% capacity or more remaining, Green = 50-75%, Orange = 25-50%, Red = 15-25%, Slow Red Flash = 10 -15% and Rapid Red Flash = 10% or less remaining. You can also keep track of the remaining battery life using the Ebikemotion companion app.

How do I select the power assist level?

The same button on the top tube that indicates battery life is also used to set the level of assistance that you require. Press once for each level you would like to move up. When turned on it will be set to the level with the least assistance (green), one push takes you to level 2 (orange) and a third push of the button will take you to level 3, with the most assistance (red). The colour level will flash once when pushed and then revert back to the colour indicating the current battery level.

I’m concerned that I won’t have full control over the bike?

As a pedal assisted bike, as opposed to an independent motor bike, the motor simply provides a little extra boost whilst you pedal and does not take over. You can slow the bike at any time by either peddling less or applying the brakes just as you would on a non assisted bike.

How do I charge the battery?

To charge the battery you simply plug the bike into a household socket using the supplied charger and cable. (The optional range extender can also charge the main battery whilst you are on the move).

Can I ride in wet conditions?

The electric components used on our e-bikes are IP54 rated. They can be used in inclement weather conditions and are protected against splashing, but not against full immersion or when subjected to pressurised water from a hose pipe or jet wash. When transporting the bike on the outside of a vehicle a waterproof cover should be utilised to ensure the protection of the electronic components from water damage during such transportation. As with any bike, we recommend thoroughly cleaning and drying the bike after any wet weather ride to ensure the peak performance of your bike.

How fast can I go?

The ebikemotion X35 power assist system offers assistance up to just over 32kms per hour, at which point the assistance cuts out. This does not mean that the bike is prevented from going faster than 32kms per hour, just simply that this is the point at which the motor will stop assisting you. If you drop back below 32kms per hour then the system will automatically re-engage unless you have switched the system off.

What size tyres can be fitted?

There is clearnace to fit up to a 45mm in width tyre.

What if I get a puncture?

Simply disconnect the cable to the rear wheel motor by unclipping the connector on the chainstay. Then, using an 8mm allen key loosen the nuts on the rear axle.

Is the bike supplied with pedals?

No, we do not supply pedals with this bike, a selection of pedals are available to order with the bike.

How heavy is the bike?

With SRAM Apex 1x and in a size Medium it weighs in at approx 13.5kgs making it one of the lightest ebike ranges on the market.

What range can I expect from the battery?

The battery range depends on a number of factors including rider weight, route profile, temperature and level of assistance used. A rider of 90kg, on a varied route including climbs, descents and flats with mixed gravel and road surfaces can expect an approximate range of up to 75kms. An optional range extender is also available for all of our e-bikes, which effectively doubles the bikes available range.

Can the battery be removed?

Yes, the battery can be accessed through the headtube but should only be done so by an authorised Darkhorse Bikes Dealer.

What is the life expectancy of the battery?

The battery can reach up to 500 charging cycles while still retaining up to 90% of its capacity as long as its care and maintenance are adequate. For maximum efficiency, it is important to maintain a battery charge of between 20-80% of its total capacity. Charging the battery to 100% capacity from fully depleted is one complete charging cycle. Similarly, topping up the battery from 80-100% five times amounts to one complete charging cycle. If you are not going to be using your bike for a period of time you should always ensure that it is stored in a dry environment (out of direct sunlight) with a charge level of between 40-50%. A full charge should also be carried out every 2 months. Take care not to leave the charger connected to the bike continuously, doing so could accelerate the degradation of battery life. Ideally, the charger should not be connected for more than 5 hours at a time. Use only the original Ebikemotion charger supplied with your bike.

What’s the warranty of the bike?

The frame has a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects. All other parts are covered by the manufacturer’s standard warranty or for 6 months, whichever is the longer. The Ebikemotion system is covered against manufacturing defects for a period of 2-years.